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What To Expect

When you come to North Woodbury you can expect to find genuine, friendly people who are warm and welcoming. In fact, you might just find that it feels alot like family (the good kind). We want you to come just as you are. We are just a simple group of people who love Jesus, live to serve others, and we would really love to share Him with you.

Our atmosphere is casual and our style of worship is blended. Which means from time to time, we like to use some of the old hymns right along with the newer contemporary music. We also really love the Bible and that is exactly where you will find each and every message coming from on any given Sunday. Contrary to some popular opinions, the Word of God is still good for today. His message is timeless and no matter who has the microphone on Sunday morning you will find that the message from the Word will apply to your life in amazing ways. 

So please come check us out. I know you will feel welcome and we would love to worship Jesus with you.