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How Can I Be Silent?

Something happened to me, and I will never be the same again. Sure, life is constantly changing and as I grow older, I mature more into a responsible, hard-working adult. None of us can help the fact that life happens, and life affects us. Life changes us. Oftentimes one singular event can change every facet of our lives. Other times it is a person, or a series of events that impact us forever.

Someone else's life really changed mine. 

I want to be genuine and personal with how I approach this. I not only want to tell you about how my life was changed, but I want to tell you about who changed it. I indebt my life to this person, so of course I must do everything in my power to tell you about him in a way that does him justice. How can I be silent?

Instead of walking around aimlessly in life, I now have a purpose worth living for. I have found meaning and security in this purpose, and because of that I know what I am aiming for. My entire perspective on life has changed. Even though there is still so much I struggle to reconcile in my worldview, the way I view life, death, love, and truth defines how I live and interact with you. So while the rain is beating down, the future is uncertain, family members are dying, and I struggle with pain from a low self image... at least I have an anchor. 

He's the one who gave me this. He's the one who actually IS this. If I hadn't met him sooner, I would be searching hopelessly for the truth and reason for my existence. But thankfully, we met. 

His name is Jesus Christ, and He IS the truth. 

How can I be silent? I have found a home for my restless heart, my secret longings, my desires to be worth it to someone. If countless others have found the truth they were searching for, have found meaning and purpose for their lives, and gave up everything to follow it without regrets, wouldn't you want to explore that a bit? See if there is any merit in it? Maybe check it out to see if there are answers there to the questions you gave up asking years ago?

Even if it is all a lie, it's still worth it. Oh, how it's worth it. 

Maybe you've heard the Gospel before. God created us to be with Him. Our sins separate us from God. Sins cannot be removed by good deeds. Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again. Everyone who believes in Him has eternal life and is saved. Life with God starts now and lasts forever! 

I certainly hope someone has told you that there is so much more to it than that. I can attest to it. He's a lot more personal when you know Him personally. And I implore you, do your search wisely. All of us are looking for a place to call home, a truth to lead us, a purpose worth living for. Search for it unashamedly, because I am convinced that if anyone is genuinely looking for the truth, they will find it. 

You will find it in Jesus Christ. And there is no way you will be silent.