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Life Groups

Life Groups

 Come dig deeper in the Word of God by joining our Life Groups. These smaller groups meet together outside of church to discuss life, relationships, and truth through interactive Bible studies. The goal is discipleship by growing meaningful relationships.

1. Facilitator: Chuck & Tammy Ghent - Meets every other Wednesday evening at 6pm in the Steam Corners area of Lexington, Ohio. There is NO Childcare. 


2. Facilitator: Nathan and Trisha Williams - This group tends to be more organic as apposed to following bible study curriculumn (not that they're opposed to it!). Some things you are guaranteed to experience in this group is good, friendly conversation, practical and theological study of the scriptures, topical discussions, the sharing of life and faith experiences, or whatever else they decide to get into when they meet.In this small group they first enjoy supper together along with the children, then children go with the sitters while the adults... adults! This group is child-friendly and offers childcare for $2 per child (infants stay with adults). Although this group generally meets every other friday evening at the church, the group occasionally meets in the home of one of it's members.  


3. Facilitator: Cory and Julie Schnuerer  - This life group meets twice a month on Saturday evenings. They meet in the homes of it's members on a rotating schedule within the Candlewood Lake Community. This group is child-friendly. They first enjoy supper together along with the children, then split up for the study!


 4. Facilitator: Nate and Alex Bennett - This life group is brand new and comprised of younger families with young children. We are fun and we are committed to doing life together! We meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast and rotate the location. This group is child friendly and we all keep an eye on them together. 

If you are interested in Small Groups contact Cory Schnuerer at